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NCO Promotees during this deployment

Also had some of our new flight platoon members rank up in the Junior Enlisted ranks.

Congrats to SPC Charbonneu

Congrats to SPC Watt



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1 JAN 2013. Promoted to SGT After 3 years i joined the ranks of NCO's.

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I know Its been a long while...
I'll update this more often and fill in the gaps as much as possible.

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Afghanistan From my eyes. Afghanistan from my point of view, my perspective, and my imagination. At times I see great potential for great images; other times I cant seem to summon up any creativity. If you keep checking in, I'll keep updating you on what I see out here. Maybe it will be landscapes, perhaps your loved ones that embarked on this journey with me, local culture, artistic interpretation--who knows?







Updating a Blog in Afghanistan proves to be a task
Eventually this blog will be a link to my Photographic site in which you will be able to order prints, files, and or other photo related products i shoot.

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SSG Promotions Congratulations to newly promoted SSG Martinez and SSG Folwer of F-227 

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South Rim Sunrise. Grand Canyon National Park.

The grandest of all canyons. Grand Canyon National Park, 80 or so miles north of Flagstaff Arizona, offers brilliant opportunities and views along the south rim of the famed canyon.

Sunrise at the South RimIt was quite a mission trying to find an area of the canyon that had not been hit by the snow storm. We found this view on the far west of the south rim several minutes before the snow began to fall

views of the Colorado river

My lovely
This here, is my Lovely. She's my reason. No one better to take these trips with. We exchange ideas, perspectives, and motivations to enjoy every opportunity we get. She has a great eye for natural frames that i have since now overlooked.

Framing from the surrounding trees adds a different, if not more, perspective. It was just enough to spark different Exposures, which lead to better color tone overall.

Here we have two good examples of how simple framing can change the dynamic of a photo. It can add something as foundational as depth to a scene, or as imaginative as back stories and perspective.
          Now, im just getting started with looking out for frames in nature; i've known they've been there, but it wasnt until i was introduced to my wife's photography that i realized how much of the tale i wasn't telling.  I plan on absorbing as much as i can from her perspective.

This photo is the same scene as the photo above, without any framing. 

Below, is a shot i have grown more and more fond of. I was sitting looking over my photos and realized that it was the odd combination between subject and scene that i like. We have rain clouds over a canyon with snow, rocks, leafless branches and wild desert flora; set as a backdrop for a subject wearing high-heel boots, mini skirt, rabbit fur, and a pooch on a leash. I very much enjoy the question that this photo made me ask myself, "why was she there, and where is she going?"

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Trees offered a nice frame


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Cold weather, check—bad sweater, check; Good laughs and good times brought about by an Ugly sweater party at the Montgomery’s. Gag gifts, UFC fights, Oreo balls, cheese cake, cupcakes, taco salad dip…all the finger foods and party things to make a casual holiday gathering memorable. 



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It's been awhile; ill add to this post tomorrow. I just needed to post something. More to come, promise.]]> (PHOTO FOR EFFECT) Mon, 22 Aug 2011 22:26:00 GMT Settling In. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
                PCSing from a military base that holds 3,000 troops to a place that holds 50,000+ troops has shown it’s obvious positive and negative consequences. It’s been just under 2 months now and Ft. Hood Texas is hanging to its title of “The great place”(at least better than where I came from). The easiest way to describe life for me in this new state is that its a better place, but longer days.
    The trip from southern California to the heart of Texas was bearable only by the endless supply of Powerade™, protein bars, and a whole lot of cliche 80's music. Growing up in a busy place like SoCal misleads you just a bit about the rest of the country in a way that makes places like New Mexico and the larger parts of Texas seem like there's a poorly written horror movie about to be inspired. It's hot here, humid too. Average temperatures of 98*-104* with 60-80% humidity has granted laundry detergent and antiperspirants their own category in my budget; gross? yes, but waking up at 5am to 78* is nice.

   Fox 227 is where I report for work now, it's who I represent here, and they're the people i'll spend the next 2.5 years with; It's home for now. The unit is good, but my squad is better; at least thats what it feels like. We're doing a whole lot of training and it feels like we'll never stop for anything; and when the unit does stop, 1st squad will find time to sneak in another PT session or some other additional training that our SL can offer us from his Infantry days. I have to admit, I love it. Arizona was relaxed, and we could have gotten away with murder if we wanted to; but being here is different, the standards are higher and the leashes are shorter. I may not be kicking down doors or jumping out of planes (yet), but it feels more like the Army everyday.
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Mesa -- Roman 

lil bro--pops--me--lil sis

family and the Grey Eagle


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Moto-X Photography
Greg K. clearing this 70ft table top

           Today I took my first trip to the local MX track here in Sierra Vista, Arziona to photograph my buddy Greg on his 125cc Suzuki. It came as no surprise to me that it was going to include a good amount of running around the track trying to beat him to all the good photo opportunities, as well as getting dirty trying to hit good angles.
          I was expecting Greg to be pretty good; but damn that boy can ride. I ended up with a whole bunch of shots with him clearing step-ups, table tops, and tearing up some berms.
Greg K. negotiating a berm

   The trick to this kind of photography is being able to plan so that you are one step ahead of what your subject is going to do. For example, when we arrived at the track, I looked it over to see where some of the more interesting parts of the track were, and some direct routes from one obstacle to the next so I wouldn't lose good shots to bad camera positioning. Low angles help to make big jumps bigger, and sharp berms sharper. If you have the time and the track is not busy, try to plan out a few shots with your subject and experiment with the shots until you get something you both like. if they are willing, have them ride through a specific section multiple times while you try different angles and shots. If you are willing, put yourself right in the middle of an obstacle and get a good close up that can only be taken from a few feet away. Take a chance, but be safe, of course.                             

  In the video above, we we're both confident that Greg could easily make this step-up, and i really wanted a unique shot. So we planned this one out...It took a few tries, and then a few more, but in the end I got the shots i was looking for.
Greg K. stepping over me

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Fighting and Focus "Relax Serg...slow your breathing down...think about the situation, and solve the puzzle."
I heard that a bit more than I did last week.

Today I was reminded of the importance of focus when training. A good fighter has to be focused to control both their own and their opponents movements and reactions. You have to realize what style of fighter your opponent is, and take that fight away from them. If they are a fast mover, slow them down; If they are a stand-up fighter, take them to the ground; and vice versa. it takes discipline to control your breathing, and your reactions so as not to show your opponent when something they did worked. When you are focused on your fight, you can plan ahead and essentially tell yourself, "I will use this technique next, and depending on how my opponent reacts, I will use this submission, or this choke, or this strike to finish the fight." 

If there's one thing I look forward to every week it's "open mat" at Jackson's Martial Arts here in town. It allows me to practice grappling and the occasional stand up fight in an environment where 90% of the people there are much more experienced and skilled than myself. I go into open mat with my mouth shut, and my eyes and ears open so that I may learn anything and everything presented.

Usually, I do alright for myself; not always winning, but always learning. I'll do things right, and then get caught when I make a mistake or just get ousted in skill. Today, however, that would have been a stretch. Right from the start I had to tap within 5 minutes because I quickly became exhausted and claustrophobic--that's never happened before. I was more confused than disappointed; and probably a little embarrassed as well. I grappled a few more times and  it became apparent that my mind wasn't there; I don't know where it was or what I was thinking about, but I wasn't focused on what I should have been. Those I was rolling against would stop and explain and teach me things I already knew ( shrimping, not leaving an arm open for an arm bar, mount control...ect) and all I could do was listen, agree, and re-learn it. Obviously it would have been stupid to tell them I already knew all that stuff, because today I seemed to have forgotten it all. I'll see how I do tomorrow.

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